The Kitchen Tuesdays @ Jungle

Thursday, July 30, 2009 | |

in association with PUMA at Jungle Garden

Every Tuesday
8PM - Midnight
61 Kent Avenue and N10 Street
Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn

TUESDAY 08.04.2009**
DJ AMIR (Kon and Amir/OnTrack/BBE)
GE-OLOGY (Female Fun/Rotation)

Hosted by Wax Poetics

Empanadas by Coque
Cakeballs by Sweet Jewels
Spacecakes by Let Them Eat Cake
Cheap Drink Specials!

$3 Suggested Donation at the Door

21+ ONLY!
Cash only, the nearest ATM is 5 blocks away.

**RAIN DATE is Wednesday, August 05.

From the Bedord Avenue L Train:
Walk west on North 7th towards the waterfront (Berry Street). Take a right on Kent Avenue. The venue is on the corner of N10th and Kent Avenue.

Thirsty for Bea Arthur's Underpants

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An LES Bea Arthur Tribute

Nothing draws a crowd like a Bea Arthur tribute, so the nostalgists at Mason Dixon are devoting this Friday night to the fallen Golden Girl, with Arthurian screenings, interpretive reenactments of a few historic performances and a beer-and-vodka cocktail dubbed Bea Arthur's Underpants. Like the underpants themselves, it's not for the faint of heart.

8:30pm, July 31, Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street (btwn Rivington & Delancey), NYC

Dragan's Lair

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | |

How did a Serbian war criminal hide from the world as a bioenergy-channeling, alternative-medicine-peddling, bearded and, well, nutty guru? After hiding out for the first half of this decade, Radovan Karadzic emerged in 2005 as Dragan Dabic. Tribunal investigators say they believe that the Serbian secret police issued Karadzic documentation in the name of an existing man, a rural innocent who had not traveled much, if ever, and so made a perfect foundation on which to build a character. As Dabic, Karadzic found refuge in the world of alternative medicine with the likes of Mina Minic, center, a Serbian soothsayer and "maestro of radiesthesia." Beautiful portraiture by Lars Tunbjork. Check the slideshow and read more here.

Donate Your Phone, Save a Life

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Hope Phones, a program dedicated to recycling old phones to medical clinics in developing countries, does a great service for both clinics in need and for folks who need to get rid of an unused phone. Leave a comment if you'd like to donate a phone and we'll get collection materials together to send off a box of 50!!

Every cell phone given to community health workers connects distant patients to a medical clinic. A $10 cell phone will give 50 families access to emergency medical care, health information, transport services, and clinic resources.

When your old phone is received by the recycling center, it is given a value. We’ll use this value to purchase appropriate, usable cell phones for community health workers at the medical clinics. The average donated phone in the US will allow us to purchase 2-3 cell phones for clinics.
Thanks SwissMiss for the info!

William Shatner, Poet Extraordinaire

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To help American audiences understand the nuances of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's send-off speech, Conan O'Brian enlisted William Shatner to read the speech verbatim in its "intended" poetic form.

Food Truck 2.0

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 | |

When you talk to folks in NYC about food trucks, they usually assume you mean one of those big industrial trucks slinging tacos, coffee, ice cream, or dumplings. Over the last two days, I've serendipitously run into the work of filmmakers Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney and their efforts to increase awareness about urban farming and sustainable living! Their food truck is Cheney's 1986 Dodge pickup which they've planted with a variety of heirloom tomatoes, arugula and herbs in the truckbed. Using a solar-powered time-lapse camera mounted on the roof of the truck, they are slowly but surely posting their adventure online. For $20, you can share in the truck farm bounty and a promise to receive a copy of the finished Truck Farm DVD. More than a real way to feed urban dwellers, I love that this project challenges people to think of their own creative and sustainable way to engage in food production and gives a new spin on the idea of an urban farmer. Check out Ellis and Cheney's 2007 documentary film on the industrial food industry, King Corn too!

Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

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When Peanut Butter Wolf, the man behind LA-based Stones Throw Records, first heard 29-year-old Mayer Hawthorne's music he was confused by what he was listening to...did dude just cover old tunes? Was he just producing some new stuff with a retro feel? Truth was, Hawthorne was not only singing on his tracks but arranged and played all the instruments for his original music. His album drops in September but until then, check this cute b+w video for his single, "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out." The actual single was released as a heart-shaped vinyl featured in the video.

Nicolas Malinowsky is ILL

Monday, July 27, 2009 | |

Part of the Parisian creative collective Ill-Studio, Nicolas Malinowsky is an ill graphic designer with a penchant for the psychedelic. His B+W collage work has an ominous tone and for his first solo exhibition, Death and the Afterlife, he reflects on objects collected at a second-hand shop, unknowingly from the belongings of a single person who had recently passed. He says, "I wanted to honour this man after meeting him in such an odd posthumous way. Knowing that he was a music lover, I worked from both image and music-based elements – I am influenced by the practice of sampling, which combines, reworks or even redefines the legacies left by previous musical generations." An odd posthumous tribute, Malinowsky's work conjures up a certain mysticism and the surrealist works of Rene Magritte and more contemporarily, the Australian art/fashion couple, Perks and Mini. Badass!!

King Britt x Sun Ra @ River-to-River

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Philly's own King Britt created a multi-media electronic homage to free jazz philosopher/artist Sun-Ra. Titled after Sun-Ra's ancestral home of Saturn, Saturn Never Sleeps, Sun-Ra: Lectric combines "audio-visual microcomponents...with live musicians of acoustic and electronic inventions" in the downtown night sky setting of the World Financial Center Winter Garden. Best of all, it's FREE! Thanks Jefe!

Tuesday, July 28
220 Vesey Street