Blowfly @ Wreck Room

Friday, November 13, 2009 | |

Blowfly, who is as old as my father, is the original dirty rapper. He was rapping before people even knew what rap was.

The elusive talent will be in town next week for a Knitting Factory show with Anal C*nt (see the bigger picture here?), and this is the place to prime your pump.

Wreck Room, Bushwick, 940 Flushing Avenue, btw. Central Ave & Evergreen Ave.
Tonight: Colt 45, no cover / 10pm-11pm

I saw Blowfly perform at Brooklyn's Southpaw a few years ago. He's a true visionary who lives up to his silly reputation, though you can only take so much swearing from an old man in a wrestling suit. Thanks!

Performa 09

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 | |

There's never a shortage of performance and art in New York City. Check out the Performa 09 calendar for shows around town. Participating artists include Terrence Koh, William Kentridge and Joan Jonas. Venues include Eyebeam, MoMA, PS 1, The Swiss Institute. This year seems to focus on futurism.

In Cyprien Gaillard’s groundbreaking video “Desniansky Raion,” a view of Belgrade’s futuristic town gate opens a triptych where architecture embodies the failure of the modernist social utopia in a brilliant, fascinating demonstration: an epic fight between hooligans in a Russian suburb; a grandiose lightshow preceding the destruction of a habitation tower near Paris; and a breathtaking flight over a circular ensemble of Ukrainian buildings somewhat remniscient of a concrete, monumental version of Stonehenge.

Acclaimed musician Koudlam, a long-time collaborator of Gaillard, will provide his adrenaline-pumping live music to accompany the screening.

The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th Street on Friday, November 20 8:00pm. $10 at

Copyright Criminals

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Last night IFC's Stranger Than Fiction doc series presented Copyright Criminals. It's an informative look at the way copyright issues affected hip-hop's birth into the mainstream. The film airs on PBS's Independent Lens in January 2010.