Dragan's Lair

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | |

How did a Serbian war criminal hide from the world as a bioenergy-channeling, alternative-medicine-peddling, bearded and, well, nutty guru? After hiding out for the first half of this decade, Radovan Karadzic emerged in 2005 as Dragan Dabic. Tribunal investigators say they believe that the Serbian secret police issued Karadzic documentation in the name of an existing man, a rural innocent who had not traveled much, if ever, and so made a perfect foundation on which to build a character. As Dabic, Karadzic found refuge in the world of alternative medicine with the likes of Mina Minic, center, a Serbian soothsayer and "maestro of radiesthesia." Beautiful portraiture by Lars Tunbjork. Check the slideshow and read more here.