Died Young, Stayed Pretty

Thursday, July 16, 2009 | |

Check out my friends from Kayrock in the awesome poster art show at 303 Grand opening tonite! It coincides with the opening of the film by the same name documenting the underground indierock poster movement. Deets below.

303Grand is pleased to be the venue for Died Young, Stayed Pretty, a rock poster show for the documentary "Died Young, Stayed Pretty." The art show will be Thursday July 16th from 7p.m.-10 p.m. at 303GRAND (303 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211). The event is sponsored by Giant Robot & Kayrock Screenprinting.

The art show is representative of director Eileen Yaghoobian's film, "Died Young Stayed Young," which takes a candid look at the underground indie-rock poster subculture in North America that was reborn, post-Punk, with the launch of groupie Clayton Hayes’ website Gigposters.com.

The art show at 303GRAND will feature silkscreen masterpieces that are used for advertising rock shows all for sale! The content ranges from hot political issues to lewd, inside jokes. Featured posters include Radiohead, White Stripes, Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, The Melvins, Nick Cave, Broken Social Scene, Ween and legends like Bob Dylan and Marianne Faithful.

The Film will be Premiering on July 17th, 9pm at IFC Center in Manhattan!

Street Farmer

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 | |

I was so inspired by Will Allen's amazing story and vision to transform the way inner city residents consume and think about their food! Green Roofs and Urban Farming is our future!

Story by Elizabeth Royte
Will Allen, a farmer of Bunyonesque proportions, ascended a berm of wood chips and brewer’s mash and gently probed it with a pitchfork. “Look at this,” he said, pleased with the treasure he unearthed. A writhing mass of red worms dangled from his tines. He bent over, raked another section with his fingers and palmed a few beauties.

It was one of those April days in Wisconsin when the weather shifts abruptly from hot to cold, and Allen, dressed in a sleeveless hoodie — his daily uniform down to 20 degrees, below which he adds another sweatshirt — was exactly where he wanted to be. Show Allen a pile of soil, fully composted or still slimy with banana peels, and he’s compelled to scoop some into his melon-size hands. “Creating soil from waste is what I enjoy most,” he said. “Anyone can grow food.”

Like others in the so-called good-food movement, Allen, who is 60, asserts that our industrial food system is depleting soil, poisoning water, gobbling fossil fuels and stuffing us with bad calories. Like others, he advocates eating locally grown food. But to Allen, local doesn’t mean a rolling pasture or even a suburban garden: it means 14 greenhouses crammed onto two acres in a working-class neighborhood on Milwaukee’s northwest side, less than half a mile from the city’s largest public-housing project.

And this is why Allen is so fond of his worms. When you’re producing a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of food in such a small space, soil fertility is everything. Without microbe- and nutrient-rich worm castings (poop, that is), Allen’s Growing Power farm couldn’t provide healthful food to 10,000 urbanites — through his on-farm retail store, in schools and restaurants, at farmers’ markets and in low-cost market baskets delivered to neighborhood pickup points. He couldn’t employ scores of people, some from the nearby housing project; continually train farmers in intensive polyculture; or convert millions of pounds of food waste into a version of black gold.

Read the Full NYTimes Magazine Article Here.

It's My Birthday...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 | |

Come celebrate my birthday with fellow Cancer-iran Waajeed this Thursday thanks to our good friend Geology.

Thursday, July 16th...AKALEPSE & GE-OLOGY present "ROTATION".

Please join us as we celebrate the birthdays of WAAJEED (Bling 47 / PPP) and LINYEE (The Kitchen) along with our super special surprise guest DJ from Deviation (hint: UK)...who you definitely don't want to miss during his short stay in NYC.

Playing classics, funk, soul, house and all your favorite dance jams all night long!

Doors: 10pm
2 for 1 well drinks 10pm-12am

Ladies FREE before midnight

**early arrival is strongly suggested**

RIP Dash Snow

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Artist, photography, graf writer, and downtowner Dash Snow passed today. His work captured the raw and unfiltered comedy and tragedy of raging downtown NYC through polaroids, collage and his most (in)famous works the Hamster Nest, a "performance" piece where he and his friends basically do a sh!tload of drugs, throw a raging party, and tear up phonebooks, pillows, mattresses, etc. Another creative life claimed by heroine. Our thoughts are with his family and young daughter. Check some of his polaroids here.