Movie Night: The Hunger (1983)

Friday, September 25, 2009 | |

It's starting to feel like fall and i'm putting together my fall movie night list. To kick it off, I want to check Tony Scott's feature film debut; the 1983 vampire lesbian goth rock classic, The Hunger. Starring Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie and set in New York, the film tells the story, "of a bizarre love triangle between a doctor (Susan Sarandon) who specializes in sleep and aging research, and a stylish vampire couple (Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie)." Check the trailer below. Thanks Jenn!

Friday Fun: DC Tea Party

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Living in New York, Brooklyn in particular, I realize that we live in a kind of bubble. With over 138 languages spoken between the 8 million folks who populate our strange little community, our city is a pretty amazing cultural experiment in at least tolerance, and at best a celebration of diversity. In light of President Obama's recent push for a public solution to the health insurance quandry and some of the reactions coming out of the townhall meetings, it shouldnt have surprised me to see and hear some of the comments from the folks who participated in a recent anti-big governmentTea Party. But its a different reality to actually see the faces and hear the misinformation coming from protesters. On 9.12.2009, reporters from New Left Media went to Washington DC to document the Tea Party protests against, well, a lot of things, including health insurance reform, the IRS, abortion, global warming, and our "socialist/communist/fascist/Nazi/Muslim " president, Barack Obama. Some of them called for a return to McCarthyism, while others called for Glenn Beck to run for office--indeed, it seemed the only thing that everyone agreed on was Fox News. Thanks Dame!

Artist: Devin Troy Strother

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | |

Just popped by one of my regular blog destinations and was totally geeked to see the work of Los Angeles-based artist Devin Troy Strother. His multi-media works on paper address tell a story about contemporary issues of identity with sci-fi/comic book and pop cultural references. The multi-layered pieces marry elements of collage, colored paper cutouts, silk screen, cell vinyl, acrylic and more and remind me of the works of Romare Bearden. Thanks mylove!

RECESS: Bocce Ball Finale!

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Please join RECESS: BOCCE with TRETORN this SATURDAY SEPT 26TH from 12PM-5PM as we turn COLONELS ROW into a sea of bocce courts to welcome the start of the Fall season. 32 diverse teams from the likes of MTV, ART DIRECTORS CLUB, THOMPSON HOTELS, SAATCHI & SAATCHI, COOL HUNTING and many more face off for the chance to be crowned RECESS bocce champion 2009 season. There will be additional courts for the public to test their skills at the game, as well as an opportunity to learn about the game if you're a beginner. We'll also be giving away TRETORN frisbees during the day. LEGAMIN food truck will be onsite offering European delicacies, and look out for the ladies on the bike serving cakeballs! FUNCTION DRINKS are providing sport beverages while KRONAN BICYCLES are offering free test rides around the island. So come out and play, and join us for the last RECESS soiree!

OneWebDay in NYC

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | |

OneWebDay Celebration in Washington Square Park at Holley Plaza (just west of the fountain) from noon - 2 PM


Medhi Saharkhiz, a member of Where is My Vote, will speak on the
situation in Iran and the role the internet has played in allowing voices to be heard.

Hon Gale A. Brewer, New York City Council member, and Chair of the Technology in Government Committee, will speak on her views regarding the role the web will play in New York's future.

Phil Ashlock, of The Open Planning Project will speak on the open
government effort in NYC: people working with technology and civic institutions to help make the functions of the city more transparent and participatory.


NYPIRG will be releasing their report, A Public Interest Internet Agenda.

NYCwireless will be hosting a BREAKOUT session BREAKOUT is a month long festival (Sep 17 - Oct 16) that aims to return creative work back to the streets of New York. BREAKOUT will provide tools and processes for working together - free wireless access, portable furniture, collaboration software, and more!


Aeroplane Pageant - up and coming New York indie rock

Hypernova refugee alt-rock from Iran (unconfirmed)

* This event will be webcast.
* Free OneWebDay T-shirt for first 20 volunteers

Finally, for those who cannot make it to an event or watch online, on
Sep 22 at 3.30pm, on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Ch.67 can be seen a film of last year's OneWebDay NYC Celebration including Internet luminaries like Jonathan Zittrain, Larry Lessig, Craig Newmark.

Shifting Vocabulary

Monday, September 21, 2009 | |

Sept. 9: Governor David A. Paterson today signed legislation that will eliminate the use of the term “oriental” in reference to persons of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage in forms or preprinted documents used by State government, public authorities or municipalities. The law directs that existing forms be amended no later than January 1, 2010.

The term “oriental” is widely considered a disparaging term, but has been used in some forms and preprinted documents issued by State government, public authorities and municipalities.

Read the full press release here and the Village Voice's blog entry.