Soul Food

Saturday, September 04, 2010 | |

The NYTimes published a great interactive feature about combat meals served to soldiers from over 50 countries in Afghanistan. A totally fascinating viewpoint on the comforts of food, home, and military culture on the ground. Soldiers from different countries trade meals; the French ration of cassoulet, deer pâté and nougat, used to be worth three American rations. I especially love all the different matchboxes included in each combat ration. Check out 14 dining packets from varying countries here!

Sprouting a Community Garden: ATL

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 | |

Sprouting a Community Garden in ATL -- love the idea of documenting the rollout of a community garden from start to finish! Thanks CityFarmer!

Healthy Bodegas

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What would NYC be without our cornerstores, delis, and bodegas! GrowNYC, the organization behind the city's greenmarkets, has started a welcome new initiative with the DoH and Red Jacket Orchards to deliver farm-fresh, locally grown produce to Bed Stuy bodegas! Ive loved the influx of green carts across the city and in my neighborhood and this new program is another great step in the right direction. Healthy Bodegas has the potential to transform the "food desert" of neighborhoods like ours by offering healthy food options AND convenience. Now I can grab beers, snacks, seasonal vegetables AND vanilla dutches at my corner spot. Thanks Kat!!

Healthy Bodegas Initiative from CENYC on Vimeo.

Arcade Fire: The Wilderness Dowtown

Monday, August 30, 2010 | |

The Wilderness Downtown. Honestly the most amazing and beautiful thing I've seen using our current technology. Thanks Arcade Fire for being f*cking awesome.

Papa Issue :: Bold and Spicy

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As a Houstonian, Ive always been lucky enough to have access to one of the best contemporary Latin American collections in the United States (see Mari Carmen Ramirez, curator for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston) and even saw Inverted Utopias in '04, the landmark exhibition of up-and-coming Latin American artists like Jesus Rafael Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez. Thanks to the beauty of the interwebs, we can roam through the mini-galleries of Papa Issue, a collection of works by Latino artists from around the diaspora working across different mediums. Architecture, music, illustration, conceptual art, and interiors seek to inspire people to create. Thanks TSA!