Nicolas Malinowsky is ILL

Monday, July 27, 2009 | |

Part of the Parisian creative collective Ill-Studio, Nicolas Malinowsky is an ill graphic designer with a penchant for the psychedelic. His B+W collage work has an ominous tone and for his first solo exhibition, Death and the Afterlife, he reflects on objects collected at a second-hand shop, unknowingly from the belongings of a single person who had recently passed. He says, "I wanted to honour this man after meeting him in such an odd posthumous way. Knowing that he was a music lover, I worked from both image and music-based elements – I am influenced by the practice of sampling, which combines, reworks or even redefines the legacies left by previous musical generations." An odd posthumous tribute, Malinowsky's work conjures up a certain mysticism and the surrealist works of Rene Magritte and more contemporarily, the Australian art/fashion couple, Perks and Mini. Badass!!