Two Notes from Andrew Kuo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 | |

Friends! Hex Message is embarking on another grueling tour! We got the trail mix! We got the Doors tapes! We got the weed!

Closing Party for Leo Fitzpatrick's "Fuck Friends" at ASS Gallery with TV Baby! I love those guys! 45 Canal 7-10. We go on at like 8 ish!
The art show is awesome and if you haven't seen it (Case) this is your chance (Ben). If you think saying "Hex is playing at ASS" isn't always amusing, you're wrong.

Closing party for my show "I'm Dyin' Over Here!" at Texter and Spenglemann. 123 12th st bet 3rd/4th

Andrew Kuo
What recession? Kuo commits himself to approximately 40 works that discuss and elaborate on such topics as; creatures with four legs, emotional former chefs turned travel show hosts, trips to the lumber store, and any and all marijuana references. If you take the time to navigate through such works as "Work: What Is It Good For?" and "Young Jeezy... The Rise and Fall and Rise (and Fall)" you get the impression that the artist is trying to tell you something. Could it be... "Fish in 15?" Through May 15
-New Yorker

This was the most fun I've ever had making a show and I'd be psyched if you came to see it! To celebrate its death we got some live music, beers, and pizzas for you!

HEX at 9 (it's great to finally be home)
MIKE FELLOWS solo or w Jesper at 10 (He hasn't played in like 420 months! Whatta treat!)
BRAIN DEGRAW solo at 11 (First time ever solo! I'm gonna take my first ever vaporizer toke when he plays!)

Sincerely, Tex Mexage