Delay No More: 2ndary Line from G-O-D

Friday, May 15, 2009 | |

Moving from Hong Kong to New York has definitely made me nostalgic for everything I've taken for granted, including Maxim's baked pork chop on rice, flying cockroaches and my favorite store, GOD. Even though I have the world's best design at my disposal in NY, I still consider GOD as one of my favorite retail inspirations - they have the most whimsical window dressings, the wittiest boxers and the most eccentric collection of home furnishings and accessories.

Today,while perusing through NYTime's HK travel section for some memory morsels to jog my rusty memory of my (spiritual) homeland, I came across this article on GOD which briefly describes their secondary line, Delay No More. For anyone who knows a bit of Cantonese, Delay No More is hilarity incarnate (synonomous with....). It's so good. I can't wait until I go home during Christmas to check it out.

Thanks NY Times Travel Section Magic!


Miss Chin said...

OMG i love GOD. i want to go back to HK just to pillage that store. what does delay no more translate to? sneaky chinks...

Bing said...

Dew Lay Lo Mo (Chinkerella)