Kombucha - Detox Summer

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 | |

After a phenomenal weekend of backyard barbecue birthday blowouts, chicago house house parties, and rooftop sunsets you might feel the need for a little detox in your life...I know my Tuesday morning haze was enough indication that my liver might need a little break. What better time than to start a kombucha regiment than the first of summer?

Kombucha has seen a huge resurgence in the last couple of years but the fermented tea has been consumed for centuries by Chinese, Russian, and Eastern Europeans for its healing and digestive properties. Those in the new age/hippie dippy set are familiar with the beautifully packaged versions sold at high-end delis for $4.50 a bottle with names like Synergy and Wonder Drink but a quick google reveals that you can easily make and bottle this fizzy jam in the comfort of your own home! I started the process today with this quick recipe to make the "mother" culture and will be on my way to making my first batch of tea by next week! Check the starter recipe from Food Renegade below:
1 bottle of Organic, Raw Kombucha
1 glass jar
1 kitchen towel
1 cup of room temperature black tea sweetened with 1 tbsp sugar

Pour the bottle of kombucha and sweetened tea into a glass jar. Cover it with a towel so it can breathe but be protected from insects and other contaminants. Let it sit. With time, a new "mother" culture called a SCOBY will start to form on top of the liquid. It will appear first as a thin film, then slowly fill in and thicken up. Once it’s about 1/4 inch thick, it’s ready to go. You can let it sit longer and get even thicker. Should take 1.5-3 weeks depending on room temperature!

Check full directions on how to brew your own kombucha once you've cultured the mother here and here!