David Byrne Office Tour

Thursday, May 28, 2009 | |

Here are the first two parts of a three part series from The FADER where multi-creative/Talking Heads guru David Byrne gives a tour of his studio! rad!

In our current issue, along with all of its other David Byrne-related wonder, you can see regular FADER contributor Jason Nocito's intimate photos of Byrne in his massive office at the Todo Mundo headquarters. Because of the natural constraints of paper magazines, we were neither able to fit every photo in the issue nor have Byrne explain what you were looking at. Fortunately, we have the internet, and Byrne was generous enough to record this guided audio tour of all the peculiar objects and ephemera photographed by Nocito that otherwise would've never been seen. We had so much material, and Byrne had so much to say, we've decided to split it into three parts.


The Jason Lam said...

This is amazing! I have a tour pass signed by his Holiness that my friend got for me when he played in HK with Brian Eno half a year ago.

David Byrne is so far ahead of the game its not even funny.