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Please vote tomorrow!! A lovely reminder from my friend Peter is below. Thanks Matt Damon!

Hello friends and family in NY --

Tomorrow is election day, and I'm excited. Prospects may look dim nationally, but here in New York, we have an opportunity to win a huge progressive victory. We have the Working Families Party.

Tomorrow, I'm going to vote for my all favorite candidates, including Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General, on the Working Families Party line. I hope you will join me. If you don't know where to vote, find out here:

Voting on the WFP line (row E on the ballot) counts just as much as voting on the Democratic line. But it has the extra benefit of sending a powerful message to Albany -- that I stand with working people, not party bosses. That I support the WFP's fight for a cleaner environment, for raising wages, for clean energy jobs, for education funding, and all the other good progressive policies they champion. I know the folks at the WFP pretty well, and they say that to pass critical legislation next year, they need every vote they can get tomorrow.

If you don't believe me, ask Matt Damon. Yep, the actor Matt Damon. He recorded this (pretty frickin' funny) video for the WFP:

Basically, no matter what happens nationally, here in New York you can't afford to stay home and not vote. Don't get last-minute-lazy, don't pretend your vote doesn't matter, and don't give up your democratic rights. Trust me, I know how easy it is to get distracted and overwhelmed. But millions of Americans fought -- and some died -- for the right to vote. Don't take it for granted.

Plus, if you don't vote, everyone will know. By law, anyone can get a copy of the NYS voter file and look you up. (They can't tell how you voted, just if you voted.) It would be embarrassing for your friends to know you shirked your civic duty, right? :)