Fred Tomaselli @ Brooklyn Museum

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 | |

I love Fred Tomaselli. His psychedelic collages remind me of the infinite nature of the universe and how all things are interconnected. The Brooklyn Museum is opening a mid-career survey of his work (1990-present) this Friday and I am psyched. Besides two newly created works specific for this show (see Night Music for Raptors above), there are 12 works on paper making their US debut. These new works have transformed the front page of The New York Times into a backdrop for his work.

Brooklyn Museum
October 8 - January 2

Tomaselli’s artwork draws upon a wide range of sources from both popular culture and art history, and from his own hobbies of gardening, kayaking, and bird-watching. Growing up near the desert in southern California, Tomaselli felt the influence of nearby theme parks, with their manufactured reality, and the music and drug counterculture of Los Angles in the 1970s and 1980s. His distinctive melding of these influences coalesces into a folk-driven, utopian vision of the mythic American West and of lush gardens as sites of contemplation, loss, and possible redemption. One of the pioneering artists who moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the 1980s, Tomaselli continues to live and work in the borough.