Report from TAIPEI: BOYZ & GIRL

Monday, July 26, 2010 | |

Boyz & Girl are an indie rock fourtet made of twenty-something teachers Jon Du, Guo Guo, Sonoko, and Ban Ban (who fronts the band with a captivating bowl haircut and cartoon demeanor). Their self-titled LP's haphazard production method (in a makeshift studio in Banqiao, assisted by a New York pal) matches its "stream-of-consciousness" mentality. Released locally by White Wabbit Records (who also distributes Broken Social Scene and Beach House), BOYZ & GIRL is noisy, unhurried and nostalgic.

Most songs were recorded live, and some make you feel like you’re in a Wong Kar-Wai movie. Others have that Sonic Youth swagger. Boyz & Girl recently toured China for the first time. Taiwanese artists tend not to suffer the stigma of their mainland counterparts —we aren’t compelled to search for political meaning in their creative expression. In fact, the spectrum of Taiwanese rock n roll runs from indie rockers to pop stars like A-Mei and this guy. Boyz & Girl’s homecoming album release party will be at Underworld on July 31st. Thank you Jon Du!