Little Dragon "Machine Dreams"

Thursday, September 17, 2009 | |

I first learned about Yukimi Nagano through a profile of the "nujazz" singer in Theme Magazine through her collaborations with Koop and appearances on Giles Peterson. Since 2005, Nagano has been hard at work as the vocalist for Gothenburg-based electronic quartet Little Dragon. The Swedish group gained some traction Stateside in 2008 with the sleeper single Twice off their self-titled debut. The naked piano chords on this stripped down and somber track highlights Nagano's arresting lyrics and ethereal vocals.

Machine Dreams is the highly anticipated sophomore effort from Little Dragon. With pumped up electro pop jams, lighthearted keys, and layered 80s-era synth effects, this album is unabashedly fun and danceable. Nagano's voice is perfect for this project, balancing out the group's production range with smart lyricism and baiting the audience with her breathy dreamy vocals. My favorite track, Blinking Pigs, has me shoulder shaking in the living room and reminds me of the best of late-80s dance-y girl pop. Check the video below made by Nagano's father and support this amazing group by picking up their album. Thanks Derrick for putting me on!!