DEEZ NUTS @ Hip Hop Theater Festival

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 | |

Founded in 2000 to celebrate work with a hip-hop aesthetic, the Hip-Hop Theater Festival is a 3-week celebration of art, dance and theater in the heart of downtown NYC. This year's program kicks off on October 1st with DEEZ NUTS, a workshop production in honor of the highly acclaimed underground rap duo The Beatnuts, written by long time music writer and egotrip member Sacha Jenkins, and produced with noted promoter and homie Peter Oasis. Deez Nuts explores the rich musical legacy of the Beatnuts through the performance of their tunes by the maestros themselves; Deez Nuts also canvases the sights, smells and characters of their native Corona, Queens. A fellow Queens-ite turned journalist, on a fact-finding mission, returns to the old neighborhood in order to meet group members Psycho Les and JuJu. This journey not only nets cultural nuggets about the Latino duo and their surroundings, but crucial observations about self and the state that created hip hop. Check the Beatnuts video below and support the family!!

Deez Nuts
A play by Sacha Jenkins. Produced by Peter Oasis.
October 1-3
The Ohio Theater
66 Wooster Street, NUEVA YORK