Cupid's Chariot is a Yellow Cab

Friday, April 24, 2009 | |

After a late night of hobnobbing with our community's finest, 2 airkisses and a hug later, I hopped a cab outside of the NDA party at SubMercer. The warm night had everyone in a good mood and I got into an easy conversation with the cabbie, Ahmed Ibrahim. With a conspicuous "No Autographs" sign taped to the back of the plastic divider, I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. Friendly and warm, he notified me that I was in the presence of a celebrity. He handed over a stack of laminated articles dating back to 2005—turns out I was taking a ride in cupid's chariot! Mr. Ahmed has been setting up his passengers on dates since 2005, an idea that came to him after a distraught and tearful passenger challenged him to find her a boyfriend. After some easy banter—he's attending two weddings this summer (one in Monaco, both passenger success stories), he recently returned from Hollywood where his agent from William Morris has him ready to ink a film deal and we're both residents of the great planet of Brooklyn—we got to talking about his formula for success. "It's just a feeling," he explained. No arrows or fairy dust. A nice conversation and a $15 meter ride later, he gave me my change and his email and encouraged me to google him and think about his offer to include me in his database of eligible New Yorkers. Warm New York City nights and a chance run-in with Cupid remind me to remember the magic in every day encounters! Check out his story here and here.